Get the exact blueprint that’s helped thousands of business owners experience more FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT, and PROFITS by building the business of their dreams. 

3 Day Bootcamp Schedule


On day one of our bootcamp, we will help you set yourself up for success by shifting your mindset in a way that allows for more freedom in business. We will discuss how to shift from being reactive to being proactive, how to overcome fear and uncertainty by taking action, and how to stay focused on what matters most by creating a schedule and routine that work for YOU.


It’s time to get clear on what you’re passionate about and start building a business that reflects that. In this session we’ll teach you how to monetize your passion without losing yourself in the process. We’ll explain ways in which you can build on purpose so that you can be fulfilled and make a difference in the lives of others.


In day 3 of the bootcamp, we will discuss profits! I will teach you my signature proven marketing strategy! Then we’ll take a look at creating an irresistible product or service that people can’t wait to buy. Finally, we’ll talk about selling it like crazy!

it's time to align your purpose and passions to gain more freedom, fulfillment and profits- Are you ready?

General Admission

  • General Admission is FREE!
  • You will receive 3 nights of proven strategies to help you effectively turn your passon into profits!


$ 57
  • VIP will include a website audit, social media audit, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and more.
  • 1 Hour Nightly of additional support and time with our coach Tcherlindra
  • -Nightly Q&A sessions with our coaches and other students in the group
  • A hot seat session where you can get personal advice from our coaches on your specific topics
  • Replays of all 3 nights, to watch whenever you want.

You deserve to be free.

You deserve to be fulfilled.

You deserve to make a profit.

And we’re here to help you get there.

We’ve helped thousands of business owners achieve all three by building the business of their dreams, and we can help you too. We’ve seen it time and again: when you build the business of your dreams, your life is transformed in every possible way. You have more freedom and fulfillment than ever before, and you’re able to make a profit that allows you to enjoy your life on your own terms.

It doesn’t matter where you are today—you don’t need years of business experience in order to build the successful business of your dreams. We’ll show you exactly how we did it so that YOU can do it too, starting with this Profits by Passion bootcamp.

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