PPP is the 12-week program that will give you the skills, resources and experience to create a profitable, impact-driven business. Gain clarity on your mission, niche and ideal client and build a sustainable, thriving and profitable business.

Purpose + Passion = Profits Business Intensive helps women entrepreneurs tap into their full potential to gain profits!

this intensive can help you with any of the following:

Defining Your Ideal Audience 

Product Development/Launch

Content Creation

Systems and Processes

Time Management/Productivity

Developing a Growth Plan

what you get:

1 (60) minute strategy session

Customized Action Plan

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Accountability and Support 

if you are:

Overwhelmed by day-to-day life, and want to achieve more of your goals than ever before. 100%
You want to be told what specific steps to take to move your business forward. 100%
You have a business idea and product but need help putting the pieces together 100%
You have been in business for 6 months or more and feel all over the place, burned out and not meeting your monthly revenue goals. 100%
You are reaching monthly revenue goals but want to begin work smarter and not harder. 100%

then yes!    is for you!

In just 12 weeks, you will experience increased confidence as you leverage a team of mentors and coaches to achieve rapid business growth. You will receive all the tools, templates, and strategies needed to run a successful business while making meaningful change in the world around you. 

why you need this program?

It’s time for you get out of your own way and establish steps and a plan of action to get you moving towards starting and growing your profitable purpose driven business. You need someone that has been where you are to tell you exactly what to do to get to your next level. You need actionable steps that will help you unlock your potential, maximize your abilities to gain profits. You’ve spent months or even years of your life doing work you’re not passionate about. Struggling to build a business that makes little income or none at all. Constantly asking yourself what I am doing, Is this worth it? I’m here to tell you that building a business doing something you love and on purpose is very real, tangible, and achievable- you just need the right training and guidance to make it happen. I got you! 

Sis, It's Time
To Get out of your own way

I know you are tired of sitting back and watching people do what you’re called to do because you keep taking detours, passing on opportunities like this, or getting distracted. The truth is that things won’t change if you don’t take action! That’s why I’m making a commitment to work alongside you for 12 weeks if you are serious, willing to be committed and take that first step towards your dreams. The investment of your time and money will be well worth it because I will create a customized plan that instructs exactly what you need to do in order to start seeing immediate results. In return, you will have more time and freedom to build the life and business of your dreams! 

After doing this for 6 years… I learned that: 

  • I didn’t need a lot of followers or huge email list to start my business
  • I didn’t need to be an entrepreneur for 10 years or have a marketing or business degree to start or grow my business
  • I didn’t need everything figured out to start and grow my business. 


BUT I needed to shift my mindset, tap into my full potential and figure out what problem I’m uniquely skilled at solving and line that up with the problems my ideal audience has so that I can create offers and products that are solving those problems. Once I began creating meaningful products and offers, my brand began to attract attention from my ideal audience.

At this point- my business became profitable…

Sis, passion is the catalyst for change. But purpose fuels the journey, not just a destination. During our time together I will share my story and expertise and help you create your own.

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