We provide a comprehensive range of offerings to support you in starting and growing your business. While we offer a variety of valuable services, our most sought-after option is the Launch Your Business Package. This exclusive package is tailored for individuals who are eager to embark on their entrepreneurial journey but require assistance in managing the intricate details.

The Launch Your Business Package offers comprehensive support in the following key areas:

With the Launch Your Business Package, you gain access to our team of experienced consultants and coaches for a dedicated period of 3 months. We'll be with you every step of the way, from the initial idea phase to the exciting launch day. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, ensuring that we address your specific needs and guide you towards success.

Save Time, Money and Frustration

Don't waste valuable time and resources navigating the complexities of starting and growing a business on your own. With our consulting package, you'll avoid costly mistakes and gain a clear roadmap to follow, allowing you to streamline your efforts and maximize efficiency.

Business Idea Development

We will work with you to develop a solid business idea that aligns with your passion, skills, and target market.

Business Structure and Set Up

We will help you determine the best legal structure for your business and assist with registering your business, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and setting up your business operations.

Audience Building

We will develop a customized marketing plan to help you build an engaged audience of potential customers, using social media, email marketing, and content creation.

Launch Preparation

We will help you prepare for a successful launch, creating a launch strategy, developing your product or service, and establishing your brand identity.

Website Design

We will create a professional and effective website for your business, optimizing it for search engines and ensuring it is user-friendly.

Coaching and Support

Throughout the three months, you will receive ongoing coaching and support to help you overcome any obstacles and stay motivated towards your goals.

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Client Spotlights

Meet Adriana Freeman

Introducing Adriana Freeman, the visionary CEO/founder of Grace and Free accessories, who embarked on a courageous journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. At The Launching Lab, we had the privilege of supporting her in launching her incredible brand. Using our proven blueprint, Adriana successfully expanded her portfolio, establishing not just one, but multiple thriving businesses including Oh Grace naturals and 21st and Chandler. We provided her with the guidance and tools to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, ensuring her transition was smooth and rewarding. Join us at The Launching Lab to discover how we can help you unlock your full potential and turn your dreams into reality.

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Meet Shenerica Arrington

Introducing Shenerica Arrington, the Brand Pioneer of Pink Velvet, who is on the exciting journey of opening her very first storefront! When she approached us, her goal was not only to launch with confidence but also to strategically maximize her investments. We shared her passion for a grand launch and partnered with her at The Launching Lab to develop a comprehensive marketing plan aligned with her long-term vision. Our focus extends beyond the launch day, as we aim to support her continuous growth and success.We take pride in being part of her journey and invite you to join us at The Launching Lab to create a purposeful and strategic plan for your business launch. Let's make your dreams a reality!

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Meet Kimberly Davis

Introducing Kimberly Davis, the CEO/Founder of the Pretty Woman Collection. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with us, taking advantage of our signature package, the Launch Your Business Package. With a dream of opening an online boutique, we joined forces to turn that dream into reality. From the initial concept to brand development, website design, and the exhilarating launch day, it has been an absolute pleasure working with Kimberly and her dedicated team. Together, we transformed her vision into a stunning reality, and the Pretty Woman Collection is now ready to conquer the fashion world. Explore her exquisite online boutique and witness the power of our Launch Your Business Package in action.

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Meet Mary Colley

Introducing Mary Colley, the remarkable CEO and Founder of the Beauty Vault Collection. When Mary approached us with a burning desire to revamp her beauty brand, we embarked on an incredible journey together. Starting from the ground up, we delved into brand development, meticulously tapping into Mary's unique vision and identifying the audience she aspired to serve. From there, we seamlessly transitioned into website design, ensuring that every aspect reflected the essence of her brand. We collaborated on creating captivating and stunning visuals for the brand photoshoot, capturing the true spirit of the Beauty Vault Collection. But the work didn't stop there. Together, we strategized and crafted a meticulous plan for the highly anticipated launch day, leaving no stone unturned. And now, we celebrate alongside Mary as she joyfully unveils the business of her dreams to the world. Cheers to Mary Colley, an inspiring entrepreneur who fearlessly pursued her dreams and trusted us to be a part of her extraordinary journey.

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