T-Shirt Basics 102-Bundle T- Shirt Basics 101 Replay-Bundle Bonus Materials & Resources-Bundle

This bundle includes the T-Shirt Basics 101 and 102 workshops.

This bundle is ideal for entrepreneurs and creative designers looking to work on starting a t-shirt company or adding t-shirts to their current business structure.

In T-Shirt Basics 101, I will teach you the exact blueprint that I use to successfully launch my online t-shirt business. Some of the topics covered include: POD vs. Do It Yourself, Design Creation, Marketing, Shipping and so much more!

The T-Shirt Basics 102 class puts everything in 101 together. This class helps prepare you to Launch your e-commerce store and get consistent sales. Some of the topics covered include: Important elements needed to bring awareness to your brand, Optimizing your store, email marketing, and apps to increase conversions, and so much more. This bundle is filled with all of the resources needed to launch your online t-shirt store. It also includes a T-Shirt Basics Resource Guide filled with additional resources, tips and tricks.

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